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If you are looking for a great Deportation Lawyer NYC, you’ve come to the right place. We say this for a good reason: Deportation Law is a specialty. The learning curve for this kind of law, especially for a general practice lawyer, is very steep, and it could cost you dearly if you choose someone who is going to try his hand at a removal case because he’s a friend or relative.

Feiner & Lavy is, first and foremost, an immigration firm, and we understand the nature of immigration cases being brought before us. As an immigration and deportation firm, we are confident in telling our clients and potential clients that we are experts.

What makes a firm an expert is more than capably filling out forms; it’s about having knowledge of the process, the immigration officials, the immigration court system and, maybe most importantly, the Immigration Judges who will decide your case. Trying to go it alone, using an attorney who is not an immigration specialist or giving up on winning a case will not do you any favors. With the right Deportation Lawyer NYC, you can win your case and stay in the United States.


It’s not like the trials you may have seen in the movies or on TV. Immigration Court will likely take place in a conference room without a jury, but with a judge. You will be asked to swear to tell the truth, and if you don’t tell the truth, you could be charged with perjury, which is one on a long list of crimes that can lead to removal from the country. The language used in an Immigration Court is not as complex as the language used in many other court settings, and the proceedings will seem more informal than what many people imagine. The important thing here is to listen to your Deportation Lawyer NYC and to dress and act in a manner that will make a positive impression on the court, which will benefit your case


While there can be many reasons for a deportation hearing, one of the biggest causes is that you or a loved one was charged with a specific type of crime: a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude. Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT) mean crimes that violate American community standards. There’s a long list of these crimes, but CIMT may involve infractions like fraud, knowingly receiving or transporting stolen property, bigamy, statutory rape (sexual contact with a person younger than the age of consent), perjury, tax evasion or prostitution. Committing such a crime or helping someone commit or plan such a crime could be grounds for deportation. The hard part of this is that a crime like perjury, which is not being truthful with a government representative, are often committed for self-protection by someone who doesn’t realize how severe the consequences really can be.


Fraud is a term used broadly in the law that involves deliberate deception either for personal gain or to fool a government official. One area of fraud that could lead to serious legal trouble could involve adopting someone else’s identity or using counterfeit identity like a passport to enter the United States. It could also involve using a false identity while living and working in the country. It is not uncommon for people who are in the country without a Green Card to use a fraudulent Social Security number and fake name in order to make themselves appear legal.

Defenses for different types of fraud can vary. Someone using a Medicaid ID so they can get treatment for a serious injury or illness would be committing fraud, but we believe that this is a case where we can successfully argue against this being a CIMT. Coming into the country using someone else’s identity in order to conceal a criminal past, however, is a much more difficult charge to fight.


One of the things we take pride in at Feiner & Lavy is the care we take in making things as understandable to our clients as possible. Like your family, our office has many people who came to the United States from another country, so we appreciate that legal system and proceedings can seem very strange to an immigrant.

The specifics of your case will probably be very individual to you. People who, for instance, flee a war-torn nation where they have good reason to fear for their lives are in a very different circumstance than someone who just overstays a visa and decides to work off the books. But the reason you are in Immigration Court is likely pretty serious: something happened that led the government to begin this process to have you removed from the United States. The specific defense will vary from case to case, but a few of the broader defense concepts would include:

What you may find interesting is that these last two – the U Visa and the T Visa – are granted to people who may have been involved in criminal activities but are now helpful to authorities who are investigating or prosecuting criminal activity. By assisting law enforcement with ongoing investigations in the United States can make people eligible for a visa to remain in the country.


We live in an age where people are convinced that a Google search and YouTube instructions can teach someone to do anything for themselves, including providing their own defense in a serious legal case. Don’t believe this! The complexities in the U.S. legal and immigration system are simply too difficult, especially for someone not brought up in the system and culture. In the end, you could do damage that even a great immigration attorney can’t undo.

A great Deportation Lawyer NYC has the education, training and experience that you simply can’t acquire online or from a book. What they can do for you is:

Present your deportation and removal case in the best possible manner.
Establish your citizenship in a manner that would be convincing to an Immigration Judge.
Advise you on your right to apply for asylum (based on fear of persecution in home country).
Argue and substantiate your contributions to society, moral character, and your ability to work and support yourself and your family in a manner that will not lead you to become dependent on the U.S. government.


We can’t speak for all attorneys, but a Deportation Lawyer NYC at Feiner & Lavy will be transparent about the costs you will incur as a client. The total amount will be determined depending on the complexity of your case, the kinds of motions we will need to file, whether it is an hourly or flat fee for your case, plus the fees that the government and court system will charge. In many cases, we will require payment in advance of accepting a case because the filing fees required by the United States Department of Immigration and the Federal Courts are substantial and may not be refunded or waived. However, we understand the hardships that many of our clients face, and we work to be as transparent about fees as possible.


The first thing to do is to contact a Deportation Lawyer NYC at the firm of Feiner & Lavy. We are an immigration firm that deals with has been successfully defending immigrants who are facing deportation and removal for more than 40 years. In our free consultation with you, we will devise a legal strategy that fits your case. Most importantly, we will help you to understand the various steps that we have to go through and how to manage the ebbs and flows of the legal system while we resolve your case. Contact us today through the Dr. Immigration website or call us at 212-571-9200.