Petition for Review

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Appealing a Decision for Removal

If authorities have reached a decision to deport or remove you or a loved one, quickly contact a knowledgeable New York City immigration lawyer from our firm for help. There are limited ways in which deportation can be prevented and if these are not used in a timely manner, removal cannot be halted. For over 40 years, attorneys at Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law have provided determined counsel to individuals who are facing deportation. The need for aggressive actions by your attorney is never more important than when you need to appeal to the BIA or ICE for relief against removal from the country.

A petition for review is the legal tool we use to get an appeals court to look once again at a decision of removal in your case. The filing of this petition by our firm will not, however, hold up your deportation. It will solely allow us to get the decision for removal reviewed. In order put your removal on hold, a separate request must be filed with the court and we can prepare this while moving forward with your petition for review. When deportation cannot be prevented, we can still litigate you petition for review and work to get the removal order reversed.

Petition for Review

In addition to reviewing a final removal order, these petitions can also be used to review a denial of a motion to reopen removal proceedings or a denial of asylum. Any petition to the circuit court on immigration matters must be based on specific legal challenges to the decisions that have been made in your case. These can include that BIA or ICE incorrectly used immigration laws or policies, that your rights were violated, that authorities abused their discretion in how they reached a decision in your case or that facts stated in your case were erroneous.

In order to be successful, appeals must be fully researched, prepared and presented to the court on time. In addition, they need to be argued in a persuasive manner before the court. We look closely into why you are being deported and the evidence used in your case and investigate to find legal or factual errors that can be used in your favor.

Contact a New York City immigration attorney if authorities are trying to deport you and you need help to appeal their decision.