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In our 40 plus years of resolving immigration difficulties, one of the situations that demand our best work is when an immigrant faces deportation, also known as “removal.” For many, it means being torn away from family and friends, a job and their community. If you are a green card holder, the consequence can also be an inability to become a U.S. citizen. Experience has shown us that it is only through aggressive actions taken by a determined New York City immigration attorney that a positive outcome can be reached in deportation cases.

Actions which threaten national security or are considered terrorist activities, violations of immigration laws and certain criminal activities call all result in your removal from the country. You can be deported for criminal offenses involving dishonesty, immorality or violence. You can also be removed for a crime related to controlled substances and what are referred to as “aggravated felonies.” Unfortunately, the statutes on these offenses are open to interpretation and it may be difficult to understand what constitutes a deportable crime.

At Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law we will help you to understand why you may be deported and what can be done to fight being removed from the country. In some cases, the best option is to file an appeal to the BIA as there may have been mistakes in the handling of your case that can be used to your advantage. For others, a motion to reopen removal proceedings may give us the chance to get your case reviewed and to work towards getting your pending deportation stopped.

Removal Attorney in New York City

There are times when a conviction for what is normally a deportable offense can be overturned, making it unnecessary for a deportation hearing to take place. For some, negotiating a charge down to a non-deportable offense or reducing the length of your sentence may cause a cancellation of removal in your case.

Once you have received your notice to appear from ICE, your case including all documentation and witnesses must be quickly and properly prepared. With a knowledgeable and committed team behind you, there can be many viable methods to resolve deportation.

Immediately contact a New York City deportation lawyer if you have been given a notice to appear by ICE and need proven legal help in fighting removal from the country.